Before we even create for you a website or application, out consultants discusses some crucial points like

  • Meeting your business objective
  • driving more clients down the sales funnel
  • boost your advertising ROI
  • get a significant increase to your revenue

The process we’ll use in your website creation

It’s all about the right methodology – knowing what to do and in which order; business process, careful execution of it all. The web design and development process:

  • Studying your business objectives, Current Lead Generation ad sources, messages and creatives
  • Researching your customers demographic
  • Creating compelling value propositions
  • Design Proposal
  • Development of website
  • Engaging visitors to action

What’s next?

Now you that you have launch the site, the right thing to do now is to analyse the traffic data. Visitor’s behavior etc. We call this testing

  • We will teach you to track and test with Google Analytics

Fine Tuning and Continuous Improvements

Depending on your business objectives, you may require the following additional services from other vendors

  • Writing sales copy for the landing page
  • Reducing friction and anxiety
  • Focusing on clarity of messages and tasks
  • Adding urgency, if applicable
  • Launch event
  • Continuous A/B testing for ongoing optimization to ensure constant growth in results