Business process automation, or BPA, is the strategy a business uses to automate processes in order to contain costs. It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications throughout the organization.

Business-driven development is a methodology for developing IT solutions that directly satisfy business requirements. This is achieved by adopting a model-driven approach that starts with the business strategy, requirements and goals and then transforms them into an IT solution. The transformation is typically achieved by applying model transformations. Due to the alignment of the business layer and the IT layer, it is possible to propagate changes of the business automatically to the IT systems. This leads to increased flexibility and shorter turnaround times when changing the business and adapting the IT systems.

Strive Solutions have done various customised solutions that is business driven such as:

1) A customised tuition management application for sincere tuition agency
2) A customised Profiling application for
3) Debt Collection application for Debts Assiduity Pte. ltd
4) Game Collection for Everis Pte. Ltd
5) Halal Management System and many more

Our Senior Consultants Mr Feroz and Mr. Gilbert Chen have years of Experience in Business Process Re-engineering and have incorporated this knowledge to IT Agile Methodology. A successful customisation can be achieved through proper specifications with examples via a strong focus on business need.

How do we start?

Normally by a workflow, which consists of a sequence of connected steps where each step follows without delay or gap and ends just before the subsequent step may begin. It is a depiction of a sequence of operations, declared as work of a person or group, an organization of staff, or one or more simple or complex mechanisms. Workflow may be seen as any abstraction of real work. For control purposes, workflow may be a view on real work under a chosen aspect,thus serving as a virtual representation of actual work. The flow being described may refer to a document or product that is being transferred from one step to another.

Next, Wireframe Design, then Development

This is where the user interface Designs takes place, scrutinising navigation and flow followed by development work.